Inclusiveness is one of the principal values that Madania holds. Inclusiveness means that Madania has an open and tolerant attitude towards diversities, not just toward different faiths, beliefs and thoughts, but also different ethnicity, race, and nationality. As an educational institution, we provide an inclusive education that caters to students from different backgrounds and different learning needs.

We believe that all children have the right to excellent education without discrimination. Therefore, Madania School accommodates children with learning differences and special educational needs, who have their own individual educational plan, which are designed based on individual needs and learning profiles.

The implementation of inclusive education has a positive impact on all students including those with learning differences and special needs. They have the opportunity to interact socially with mainstream students which eventually improve their social skills significantly. At the same time, mainstream students are able to learn to accept and tolerate differences, build up their compassion and empathy, and furthermore develop their communication skills toward different people.

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