I Am Happy to Be Here in Madania

Mr Alfonsus Rinto Pudyantoro & Mrs Josephine Damajanti, Parents of Alfonsus Wintang Abhikama, Grade 11

Iam very grateful to be part of Sekolah Madania family. We started when my son entered grade 1 Primary School. There has been tremendous experience happened to my son Alfonsus Wintang.

There havebeenhappiness,difficult times,even tear drops in every moment. It was not usual....It has been an amazing journey.

In this journey,there havebeen good teachers who help me keep remind my self that we focused on the process,not only the results.

It is a school that appreciates differences and uniqueness of each student. Every student is special.

There are amazing friends,with various characters,who accept others with all their strengths and weaknesses and appreciateeach other.When he was in grade 1 he said,“Iam happy to go to this school.”

According to us, in this school, my son has learned to become somebody with integrity. He dares to admit his mistakes, be a risk taker, apologize, and learn from his mistakes.

In this school, he has learned to find his strengths and hispotentials. Clearly,my son is accepted by his peers and up until grade 11 he always says,“I am happy to be here in Madania.” 

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