Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

The basic principle of education aims to develop the ability of every person, both in terms of thought (mind), physical (body), intelligence (intelligence), sensitivity to the ability to appreciate the arts and spirituality. Therefore every child has the right to obtain, in their childhood and teenage years, an education that helps them develop their freedom, the right way of critical thinking (critical way of thinking) and the decision to vote and become an expert in their life whatsoever.

Departing from the basic education principle, Madania School realizes the importance of children's personality development by improving the dignity of humanity in all of their personal wealth, complexity of the forms of expression and variation of commitment, both as individuals, members of families and communities, as well as citizens, and other more. Development of human dignity, which begins at birth and continues throughout life, is the result of a dialectical process that is based on two things at once; knowledge and constant relationships with other people. Therefore, the experience of other people's success functions as an instrument to the development of human dignity of the student.

Madania School sees education as a training aimed at creating personal personality that continues to proceed, and at the same time, interact with a variety of social experiences in life. In the process of “learning to be” that every student should be able to find solutions to problems, able to make decisions and can carry duties and responsibilities. This is our commitment that we continue to strive for. We are aware that this task is very heavy; and of course there are still many weaknesses. But we are willing to continue to learn and work wholeheartedly to achieve what we have declared. Thank you to all the parents who have entrusted us to educate their children. May God give strength and patience to all of us to realize all the goodness.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Wahyuni Nafis, MA
School Director

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