Special Educational Needs Unit

Special Educational Needs Unit

Every individual experiences growth and development, based on the stages of his age. At each stage there are developmental tasks that they have to go through, where each stage is expected to give new developed abilities or skills, such as cognitive, affective, psychomotor, communication, and social skills.

Some individuals who experience the disorder and or developmental barriers on one or more aspects will experience challenges in the process of their adjustment to the environment. In this condition, they require special handling in order to develop optimally.

Special Educational Needs Unit (SEN-U) facilitates the process of adaptation of special needs students in following school activities so that they can have the optimal development of the individual potential and emotions according to the age and the ability to be independent as well as to adapt to the social environment through holistic approach from school, parents, and professional team.



Sen-U designs, implements, and evaluates the learning program for the special needs students periodically through the Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Learning programs are customized for each individual according to students’ needs and potentials. So, the program that is listed in the IEP will vary for each student. When designing the program, SEN-U involves homeroom teachers, coordinators, principals, parents, psychologists, and other professional personnels.

Learning activities of special needs students in Madania can be done in various forms:

  • Integrated in the regular classroom. Students study together with regular students in the classroom independently or accompanied by a teacher's aide.
  • One to one teaching. Students learn individually either with the subject teachers or SEN-U teachers with materials that can be either academic, non academic, or enrichment.
  • Small group. Special needs students learn in small groups for enrichment or reinforcement of the material.
  • Special program. Special needs students learn to improve their daily life skills.
  • Therapy. Special needs students are given kinds of therapy to optimize their development.

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