Primary: Specific Program

As a school that committed in developing a variety of learner aspects, we provide other disciplines where the students can explore and develop their potencials. There are ARTS, which the scopes are Visual Art and Performing Art (Vocal, Theatre and Music), PSPE that stands for Personal Social Physic Education in the area of PHE (Physical Education) and Religion. The Religion disciplines consist of Islamic Religion (ISL) and Religion Other than Islam (ROI). All disciplines are taught to enrich students aspect of emotion, spiritual, and intellectual


Art and Culture Education

Madania School provides an opportunity for students to choose one of the programs offered. Madania School shares a variety of activities for this program and the students begin to choose what is mostdesired and preferred. It is intended that students begin to be able to master one field early on. 

the programs offered are as follow:

  • Art & Craft
  • Drama/Theatre
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Band
  • Vocal
  • Violin
  • Ensamble
  • Traditional Dance
  • Gamelan
  • Orchestra


 Personal Social Physic Education (PSPE)-Physical Education (PHE)


Madania School has consistently given stimulation and appreciation to any of students' potential since its start to help sharpen all aspects of students’ intelligence. It is hoped that besides getting outstanding academic scores, Madania students are also be expected to be passionate in sports, skillful in arts, eloquate in languages, active in student organisations, and also proficient in other activities. Therefore, they are in demand to optimize their affective and psychomotor skills that will ultimately be useful in the future. This is in line with the current understanding that the human intelligence comprises of naturalistic, kinesthetic, linguistic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, mathematical, and spatial intelligence.

Madania is also committed in shaping students to have the characters of inquirer, knowleadgeble, thinker, communicator, principled, open minded, caring, risk taker, balanced, and reflective. All of this is embodied in the sports activities such as pencak silat, baseball, soccer, floorball, athletics, badminton, volleyball, basketball, taekwondo, chess, wushu, table tennis, futsal, gymnastics, and swimming. In addition, students will receive lessons that aim to build a healthy lifestyle or identity. They will also learn how to interact with others and how to groom their bodies, take care of the environment, choose healthy diet, prevent and give first aid to injuries, and manage their resting time. They are also actively involved in learning about puberty and staying away from drugs.

In School, the physical and health education program teaches students the basic movements, techiques, and stategies of sports and also internalisation of values such as independence, confidence, sportmanship, honesty, teamwork, discipline, responsibility and healthy lifestyle. The implementation is not through the teaching experience or theoretical studies, but instead through activities involving physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, and social aspects. The activities prepared in the teaching-learning experience will have the influence of the didactic-methodic way to ensure that the aim of learning is achieved.

Using these programs and activities, it is hoped that students can optimise their kinesthetic intelligence in sports, channel their gifts and hobbies, and balance the cognitive intelligence. This is instrumental to deepen and broaden their insights and awareness of the importance of balancing sports and academic in life. 


 World Religion Education

As a school that respects and upholds the values of divinity, the existence of religion education in Madania is indispensible. Madania school develops a pluralistic and inclusive curriculum. To uphold the differences that exist in the global community, Madania School accommodates religion education in accordance with the religions professed by all students, including Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Religion education plays an important role in the formation of the personalities and characteristics of the future generations who believe in the existence of God and understand and apply His teachings in their daily lives. The materials are presented through engaging and enriching learning process. As education program in school must prepare students to face and solve problems of real world, practical learning approach always takes precedence over merely theoretical approach.

Religion education is delivered every semester in all grades and presented to the students at any time in Madania. It is designed and prepared to form an entity of community that has a strong devotion to God and have a strong commitment to live according to His instructions and guidance. Religion education enriches the education in Madania to prepare the future generations who uphold the values of nobility of humanity to have confidence and integrity as well as humanist characteristics.


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