Primary Overview

Madania Primary School leads the nurturing education based on the learner’s physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual uniqueness. We collaborate the current practices of learning with our vision and mission to build strong, lifelong learners.

Preparing the students’ skills to face the real life through our education is a part of our learning journey. Madania Primary School is an Indonesian School established with the fundamental belief to build the learner profiles.

Learners can develop their physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual uniqueness in many aspects of learning. Madania educates students to become lifelong learners, be self-motivated, confident, independent, forward thinkers, and have a greater social awareness.

Madania Primary School actualizes world class standard by using an International Curriculum framework, the International Baccalaureate (IB). Madania Primary School is one of the IB schools located in Asia which focuses on the Primary Years Program (PYP). The framework of IB – PYP focuses on inquiry based teaching. Thus, the teaching process is student centered and designed based on the individual needs of each student.
As an authorized IB school, the environment in Madania builds a lifelong learner community for students, teachers, and other school communities and shapes the quality of learners with a high level of inquiry (Inquirer), who are knowledgeable (knowledgeable), excellent thinkers (thinker), communicators (communicator), principled (principled), open minded (open-minded), care (caring), risk-takers (risk takers), balanced (balanced), and reflective (reflective). Students develop their talents in the music programs, art and theater (MAT). Consolidation of the program has been done so that students can develop and master a particular art discipline of their choices at early age. Each student is also prepared to master the basics of each subject so that they are able to continue studying at subsequent levels. We design the primary stages program to prepare the next generations of leaders.

The graduates should be able to understand the basic knowledge of mathematics, science, social studies, music, theatre, and art. English language proficiency and computer skills are important parts of the unique Madania curriculum. Religious education is taught according to students' religious affiliation. Students also gain an understanding of character education not only from teachers in school but also from parents at home.

Madania teachers educate with their hearts, which means not only are they good at teaching, but also able to guide, train, and direct with attention and affection. The school learning environment is very dynamic, supportive and challenging and conducive for students to grow into superior humans.


We believe that our children grow and have their skills developed in every stages of the learning process. As an Authorized IB PYP School, we align the vision, mission, and values of Madania with the IB Mission statement. We emphasize on the students’ learning process in using the transdisciplinary learning that derived into the 5 essential elements of PYP.

Five Essential Elements of PYP (Primary Years Programs)

1. Knowledge (What do we want students to know?)

2. Concepts (What do we want students to understand?)

3. Skills (What do we want students to be able to do?)

4. Attitudes (What do we want students to feel, value, demonstrate?)

5. Actions (How do we want the students to act?)


The learning essence will bring how we want the students to act.

The PYP (Primary Years Program) in our school covers grade 1 until 6. At the end of the level, the students will perform their potency on the IB PYP Exhibition.

We want our students to take action from what they have learnt.


The PYP exhibition has a key to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning and to demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning.

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