Madania Logo

Madania Logo

Madania logo consists of three letters Kaaf (ك), Siin (س) and Haa (ح).

Kaaf represents the word Kitab, and Siin represents Sunnah, Haa means Wisdom. Kitab refers the Scripture from God, which has been handed down to mankind in every age and group of human beings. Included in this Kitab is the four famous Kitab, namely the Tawrat, Zabur, Injil, and Al-Qur`an. Religious Scriptures of Hindu and Buddhist religions are also included as the books according to this logo. With the logo of Kaaf, Madania bases its view of life and the foundation of education on the teachings of the Scriptures which were revealed by the Absolute God.

The second letter, Siin (Sunnah), is a tradition in the community of the noble living which is the embodiment of the teachings of Scripture, obtaining guidance and assistance directly from his Envoy. By this, it is meant that the Siin in Madania logo is used to find conviction through a life full of challenges and trials which needs role models, examples of exemplary, which emanate from those options, which have been chosen by the Lord from time to time, in each group of humanity, from Adam to Muhammad the Prophet of Allah.

The third letter, Haa (Wisdom), represents the knowledge that has been pioneered, dug, and developed by scholars and intellectuals from the early days of learning, continuing until the contemporary moment. Science, that is constantly moving, has already been penetrating the new horizons, yet it must continue to be developed. With this Haa logo, it means that Madania’s struggles and efforts are dedicated to the development of science with by fixing, digging, learning, and practicing science produced by earlier scholars. In other words, it is recalling Madania’s jargon which confirms "to preserve the good in the old, and take (create) new and better things".

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