Madania Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance

Madania Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance is an independent unit under School Director direct supervision.  Its main reponsibility is to ensure the quality of education process and school management under Yayasan Pendidikan Madania Indonesia by setting Madania Quality Standards of Education and developing strategies to achieve it.  MCDQA is in charge in education research, curriculum development, education quality assurance and quality management system implementation.  Through these activities, MCDQA gathering data for the school management to establish a new policy or review the existing ones.  MCDQA also takes an important part in building Madania Learning Community for students, parents and educators. We believe that everyone is student, everybody is teacher and everywhere is classroom.

In order to to improve the quality of education and school management in Madania, Madania Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance conducts the following activities:

  • Developing Madania curriculum from various sources (Madania Learner profile, content standard, processes, assessment, school management, environment and school culture);
  • Ensuring the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 and its monitoring
  • Conducting continuous research and study on various aspects of education, current issues and theories on education and management to be evaluated and adopted for the quality of education and Madania school services improvement;
  • Facilitating in house educational research, analyzing the result and writing recommendation based on the result of the research for quality improvement and school development program
  • Facilitating result of research dissemination and Quality Management training as part of quality assurance obligation.


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