Human Resources Development

In the beginning of 2013/2014 academic year, Human Resources Development (HRD) in Madania was developed as an enlargement of the Personnel Department roles. The goal is to ensure the quality of human resources in making the school vision come true. There are three sub-departments in Madania HRD, i.e. professional development and recruitment, personnel administration, and human resource services. All sub-departments are intended to serve Madania employees; therefore, they can give excellent services to students, parents, and all school stakeholders.


Madania HRD tag line is “developing potential to gain competence”. It is expected that all the employees’ potential can be transformed into competencies required for them to fulfill their particular responsibilities at Madania School. It includes the opportunities for all employees to have professional and carreer development, and also succession planning where they can develop their personal and organization skills, knowledge, and abilities.


HRD Vision and Mission

HRD vision is “to become a trusted partner in developing the potentials and dreams of individual and providing research-based data to be used in policy and decision making to reach Madania Vision”.

To reach that vision, our mission is aimed to:

  • help people leaders in developing their subordinates’ professionalism through effective coaching, training, and personal assistance;
  • actively and effectively communicate initiatives and plans to gain support;
  • consistently thrive to become a trusted servant by:
    • providing excellent services to all individuals;
    • showing “open-door” policy;
    • maintaining people-oriented manner and positive mind; 
  • work to become a bridge of harmony between departments and individuals; and
  • continuously conduct educational researches and disseminate the results to the school stake holders to support the school programs.


Professional Development in Madania

In education field, research has shown that teaching quality and school pedagogical leadership are the most important factors in increasing student achievement. Therefore, Madania brings this up as a matter to be concerned.  A variety of professional development is designed based on the teachers’ and staff’ needs.


  • Induction Training

Induction Training is basic training required in the beginning of the academic year and addressed for the novice teachers and staff. This training is conducted for a period of time and covers the topics of Kemadaniaan (school vission, mission, and values), behavior competencies for educators, communication at school, international curriculum models, quality assurance, inclusivity in education, self-discipline, etc. Through this training, teachers and staff are equipped with knowledge, skills and practices that make them competent in their roles.

  • Refreshment Training

School community members are life-long leaners. In order to contemporize with the current practices, teachers and staff make conscious efforts to continue their learning; take part in professional training through in house specific purposetraining. The training is varied from one department to another depends on the requirement of each department.

  • Independent Learning

Most teachers and staff read books, professional journals, and surf the internet to keep them up with the most recent information about child development, pedagogy, and other educational related fields. They also hold grade-level, or departmental meetings regularly.

  • KMS (Knowledge Management System)

It is the process of developing, sharing to multi-disciplinary approach to achieving the school objectives by making the best use of knowledge.

  • Lesson Study

Another way of teachers’ learning is to collaborate their learning. They initiate the lesson study where more experienced colleagues mentor another teacher to improve their teaching. This is corresponding with the idea of the school to have some master teachers in each field of study.

  • Spiritual Study

Spiritual study helps the school community members to understand the principles of life and leads us to make better decision about our life that will impact to the working atmosphere.

  • Coaching and Mentoring

On the path to becoming effective educators,  Madania also provides mentors and coaches to optimize the teachers and staff’ potential to work better and help them to find their hidden potential.

  • Parenting

Parenting is one of the effective ways to get the bounding perspective between school and parents. Therefore, Madania periodically holds parenting session with some supporting topics those are related to the education.

  • External Training

Madania also shows high commitment to have recognized professional development from the other party. This includes International Baccalaureate Regional and In School Workshop, Cambridge International Examination Training and other international scopes either on-line or face to face session.

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