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“I believe the future leaders of Indonesia must be globally aware, concious of God and understand the value of the great diversity of Indonesia.Madania, is the perfect choice for Pruistine, Charlotte and Mieke.”(Shahnaz Haque & Gilang Ramadhan, parent of Pruistine – Grade 9, Charlotte – Grade 8, Mike – Grade 6)

My son and daughter are Madanian. My son started his Madania year in his kindergarten period while my daughter in her primary period. Everyone keeps asking me why I love Madania so much. I only have 1 answer. It is because of their commitment to 'Build Good Character' of every students. It is in line with my life vision as Good Character is very important to build a strong nation and our kids are the next generation that we have to grow and nurture to become our dependent in the future.”(Salama Devi, parent of Raihan Badrahadipura-Grade 11 and Raniya Hananvy Prawiradipura-Grade 8)

The strength of Madania School lies in the balance between academic courses and study skills programs, community service and self-development. This balance (of the program that) produces students who are not only able to continue their studies at national (universities) and leading international universities, but also helps them develop a confident attitude, become independent, lifelong learners, think ahead and have a high social consciousness. Madania can now be referred to as the school that is conducive for students to grow into superior human beings.”(Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat)

As a learning society, all parties connected to the education in Madania should possess a vision and commitment to create an educative school culture and respect each profession. Regardless the type and the job to do, all teachers and staff must have competence and responsibility to support the student’s success.  Because all learning processes will always involve many parties, partnership, interdependency, and synergy process must bemaintainedandenhanced.Everybody is teachers and at the same time students because education is a never- ending living agenda and everybody needs to be humble and respect differences and advantages of others. We have to be able to learn from somebody’s experience; advantages and disadvantages, success and failure. Thus, Madania Education presents such programs as dialog, training, and reflection. Attendance, participation, and suggestion from expert are highly appreciated to develop the quality of Madania Education.

All teachers and staff in Madania are expected to show the profiles that adopted from Primary Years Programme International Baccalaureatte and Cambridge, i.e.:

  1. Principled
  2. Open-minded
  3. Inquirers
  4. Thinkers
  5. Communicators
  6. Risk-takers
  7. Caring

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