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13:48:12, 19 Agustus 2019 Muhamad Chori Zikrin

This week grade 4 students of Madania school explored their own values and beliefs. They started with watching video about values and beliefs for tuning in activity. They recognized the differences between values and beliefs through class discussion and internet research. Students also read a book in library to identify the values and beliefs of the characters. After that they created a values tree of their own.

Students explored place value cards to learn more about number until ten thousand. They played games with classmates and worked some worksheets about cardinal and ordinal number. They also learned how to round off numbers to nearest ten, nearest hundred, and nearest thousand.

Students learned how to write complete sentences using S-P-O-K in Bahasa Indonesia. They also identified subject, predicate, and object of a sentence. The students have understood the lesson quite well. It was one of an interesting lesson for this week too. (Ratna Linggar A).

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