What is your campaign about

12:51:06, 13 April 2020 Annisa Azzahra

This week, the third graders of Madania Primary School were preparing the media campaign for their summative assessment. They made a poster about the children’s right that had been chosen. They were very enthusiastic drawing and coloring the poster for their campaign. The learners put great effort to finish their children’s right poster and campaign it confidently to their family. This activity strengthened their thinking skills of making decisions based on chosen criteria and conditions, which was one of the approaches to learning for the unit.

To improve their writing skills, they watched a very short video about the heavy rain. Then they created a comic about the heavy rain and the activities that people do during the heavy rain. They also enlarged their vocabularies and knowledge through reading. They read the instructions for making the delicious food “scrambled egg”. They seemed to really enjoy the learning which was a good thing. (RiskaMegasari)

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