What are your rights and responsibilities

22:48:47, 22 Maret 2020 Annisa Azzahra

This week, the third graders of Madania Primary School were introduced to their next program of inquiry:  “Who we are”. First, they unpacked the central idea “Children worldwide take different right and responsibilities and face a variety of challenges, risk, and opportunity”. Then, they discussed the lines of inquiry, key concepts, summative assessment, the learner profiles and attitudes.

During this first session we began by discussing the unit details (above) with the students. Asking them their thoughts and understanding of the central idea and lines of inquiry helped to gather some prior knowledge and got the lesson moving.

“Children have rights too. To live a happy life. To have food. To have water. To have family. To have shelter. To have medicine. To have friends. To have fun in the sun. Go to sleep in peace when the day is done. Human rights number one!”

The students were very communicative following the class discussion after watching some videos about rights and responsibilites. They also analyzed their own activity and made conclusion about their rights and responsibilites in everyday life.

We integrated the students’ English reading skill into the unit. To support their UOI 5 Who we are, the students read and tried to comprehend the short text. They enlarged their knowledge and vocabularies. They really enjoyed the learningengagement. They were very creative and enthusiastic preparing their performance for “Festival Budaya dan Agama”. They showed good cooperative playing “angklung” music instrument together happily during the rehearsal.Good luck kids!(Riska Megasari)

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