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14:23:12, 24 Oktober 2016 Administrator

Madania News EDISI 09/IX/2016-2017 - (Grade 4) Have you ever been to a museum? What does it look like?

Many will tell you that a museum is old-fashioned. While this is partly true, it is still an excellent introduction for students to the cultures and history of Indonesia.

And this week the 4th graders had a great opportunity to visit Museum Nasional or Museum Gajah. They learnt and explored sites from prehistoric, archeological, colonial, ethnographical, and numismatic/heraldic collections.

By exploring the statues, artifacts, and stone sculptures, some are over a thousand years old, students gained prior knowledge about ancient civilization facts. As inquirers, they seemed enthusiastic while listening to the tour guide’s explanation and touring the museum.

In the classroom, they were divided into small groups. Based on the civilization chosen, they discussed what they would expose for the exhibition. They started collecting various kinds of information for ancient civilizations research through browsing, reading books, and collecting some evidence. (Ratna Linggar Asfaningdyah

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