02:44:08, 06 April 2020 Annisa Azzahra

Does car have circle shape in it? What about lamp, your dining plate, or your toys? The first step of big imagination is observing around! This week, Visual Art Class are having theme of Growth Mindset. We teach students to be more visual-sensitive to their environment, by asked them to look for circles on common objects around the house.  After observing, they challenge themselves to growth their imagination; how to make a whole drawing or painting scenery from a mere circle? By observing first, they already know that almost very objects around are having circle on it, and they can expand their imagination to more things like rocket, elephant, ship, plane, robot, etc. After one object are drawn, the next step on growing mindset is expanding the surrounding; if you draw rocket, where it’ll be? Will the rocket on sea, land, or outer space? If you draw ball, what is happening with the ball? Is it played inside house, outside house, or just laying around on field? This task will help 3rd grade to be more aware of their environment and realize that every thing have their own place and time to be. (Lu’lu’ul Fauziah N.)

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