University Centre and Partnership News Corner: Nadhif Seto Sanubari Madania alumnus, 2015

11:46:22, 14 November 2016 Administrator

He was mostly quiet. He stayed with the peers who pretty much shared the same vibe throughout high school and enjoyed staying low and unseen. Yet, he is one amazing writer. He has been one, actually, since he was so much younger. I fully recognized his well-improved writing skills when he enrolled for the International Class of Universitas Indonesia.  I was so amazed at how he elaborated his passion in technology, computer, and particularly games in a very well-structured motivational letter. Then, I also realized it was not so surprising to see though since I always believe his other passion is writing. He was so used to writing and composing ideas from the primary to  secondary level that it should be challenging in more different ways now.

Last Saturday afternoon, 8th October 2016, he made it; Creators - his first nationwide publication - was on the Jakarta Post. We are indeed very proud of you, Nadhif. Keep it up and produce more, so we can enjoy your deep inner thoughts and the great imagination you have.  

All the very best for you, dear Nadhif. (Yuyun Wachyuniah)

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