the extension and the elasticity of a metal spring

10:10:21, 20 Oktober 2016 Administrator

EDISI 09/IX/2016-2017 - (Grade 7) The extension of an object is always proportional to the load as long as the object is beneath its elastic limit. That is Hooke's Law, the main topic that 7th graders learned this week. They started the topic by doing an observation of the extension and the elasticity of a metal spring.  From the observation they concluded that the greater the load they attached to the spring, the greater the spring extension. When they made the load-extension graph of the spring, they could see that the graph was not a straight line. Thus, they concluded that the spring was no longer elastic since it did not obey the Hooke's law. Next week they will have the mid-semester test. The topics for physics test are numbers, quantity, unit, linear motion, and extension. (Veni Dwintasari)

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