The 5th graders held a market survey market research to get an insight about their target customers

15:08:27, 13 Maret 2017 Administrator

Madania News Edisi 27/III/2016-2017 - (Grade 5) This week, the 5th graders held a market survey (market research) to get an insight about their target customers. This market research helps students understand the consumer’s preference, trends in market prices, and the presence of competing products.

At first, they discussed and drafted the questionnaire about the goods and services they’re going to offer in the market day in April. After they were done typing and copying, they started the survey to every grade level in primary school (sample: 5 students/level) and 10 teachers/staff.

It has been a hard and exhausting process, but they’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed it to the fullest. Market survey activity has sharpened not just their research and communication skills, but also their cooperation skill to work in group.

Then, students gathered and analyzed the market data. They made bar charts and pie charts (circle graphs) in math to support their analysis.

In other subjects, students focused on reviewing the materials to prepare themselves for the mid semester test next week. Good luck, kids! (Gusva Havita)

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