Test Reinforcement

21:16:43, 10 November 2017 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 10/IX/2017-2018 - Reinforcement was the activity that the 3rd graders focused on during this week. They did the test reinforcement items carefully in order to get the best result of their mid-test a week ahead. It was an opportunity for them to ask, master, and refresh the lesson they had studied. It was really glad to see they were really confident to do their reviews.

On the other hand, they started to prepare for the summative assessment. They chose the types of community that they wanted to learn more about, and they will share to others during the learning celebration. They planned their dream community and chose 3D techniques for the report. They are in the process of making a mock-up of their dream community to illustrate how communities provide services to meet people’s need. It was not easy to make, but I’m sure with their patience, they could make it step by step. Keep your spirit, Kiddos! (Nenda Suwenda Rahayu)












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