Summative Assessment Time

12:49:34, 13 April 2020 Annisa Azzahra

Summative assessment takes place at the end of the teaching and learning processes and gives the student opportunities to demonstrate what has been learned. Summative assessments may include any of, and any combination of, the following: acquisition of data, synthesis of information, application of knowledge and processes.

 During this time of social isolation and remote learning, parents’ support plays a very important role. Parents make it possible for teachers to maintain connection with their students and guide their learning from a distance.

 This week the second graders of Madania School had a summative assessment of Unit of Inquiry Sharing the planet with its Central idea:

The wastes we produce bring impact to the environment and wellbeing.

Key concepts: form,function, responsibility

Related concepts:

environment, pollution, behavior

Lines of inquiry

  •       Type of waste
  •       The impact of waste to human and the environment
  •       How to manage the waste


In sorting out, they applied how to manage the waste using 3R  (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce). That was one of their project assignment for their taking action. The most important was, the participation of parents at home in supporting and motivating every school project was  helpful for children in completing their projects.


After the learners finished creating recycle project, they continued making drafts of presentation about their project which consisted of the title, introduction and the content in an informative graphic organizer.

It was a very challenging activity as they had to practice the presentation in front of their parents.

In taking action, they conducted their presentation about recycle project in front of their family members at home. They were extremely excited and proud showing the product of 3R. They recordedthe video of their presentation and presented it in front of friends by using  WhatsApp media. Congratulations for you all, kiddos! You did great! Marvelous!(Marliana)

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