Sharing the Planet

15:31:33, 04 Maret 2016 Administrator

Welcome to the first graders! This week, they were introduced to UOI 4, Sharing the Planet, through watching a video about water. They broke down the central idea: water plays a role to sustain life on Earth. They showed the value of inquiry in discussing what they had seen, wondered, and thought of the picture shown, related to the water used. During the UOI lesson, they also discussed the lines of inquiry, key concepts, summative assessment, learner profile, and attitudes. (Rizka Megasari)


This week, Grade 1 are in LOI 1 learning sources of water. They explored it through watching video about sources of water. The students also observed around Madania to find out sources of water. Finally they worked in partner to make a report about sources of water. To support LOI 1 “The sources of water” the student enrich their information by read many kind text of water in Bahasa Indonesia. (Dwi Purnama Sari)

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