07:57:22, 26 November 2019 Annisa Azzahra

Hello to everyone who is currently reading this, we're Rafa and Ditta and we are about to share our experience during our Schülercamp for a whole week. 

Originally, we joined a competition held by Goethe Institut where we were told to make a short video about how to maintain and take care of the environment. Little did we know, we actually won. We were so excited that we finally got the chance to experience Schülercamp.

This years Schülercamp theme is “UMWELTEN” or environment in English, and the camp itself was held in Surabaya which is literally the greenest and cleanest city in Indonesia. The participants came from many different regions in Indonesia, such as: Surabaya, Bogor, Ambon, Samarinda, Jogja, Bandung, Aceh, Tasikmalaya, and Manado.

All of us equals to 20 participants. Our camp counselors are very friendly as well, which made us even more comfortable.

We were divided into two groups and each group was given the job to make a short movie/documentary about the environment and how to maintain a good and healthy environment. We also had “culture night”, where we got the chance to perform or present cultures from each of our regions. We also got the chance to explore Surabaya, plus the food there was great. Moreover, we got the chance to meet new friends who are very easy going and friendly.

We got to experience a lot of things, starting from taking the iconic Suroboyo Bus, interviewing people,  and exploring a mangrove forest by using a boat. We took so much pictures that reminds us of the memories we had in every place we visited. In one of the days, we got to learn more German language which was a good idea to spend the day.

Our movie turned out great, we were very pleased with how it looks. By making these movies, we'd hope that we can inspire people to take care of our environment because it all starts with us, and it's up to us to make the world a better place. Let's use Surabaya as an example of how to maintain a green and clean environment. And I think people were very pleased with the movies as well, because during the premiere, we saw a lot of the guests who were invited, giving us applauses.

At the end of the day, we thanked our mentors for the love and support in the making of the video. Yes, there can be some stressful times, but our friends' and our mentors' support helped us get through it, and we are very thankful for that.

Overall, we had a very great experience and we are grateful for each and every minute. Even though we were the only middle school students, they treated us very well and consider us as their friends or even family. Thank you to the teachers and counselors for being very supportive towards us, and thank you to all of our friends, because if it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn't have had an amazing experience. (Rafa Calya Callista and Maria Pradipta, 9E)

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