Quadratic Equation in Basketball

15:21:28, 16 Januari 2018 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 14/IX/2017-2018 -This week the students are learning quadratics in daily life. When a ball is thrown, kicked, or hit, the trajectory it follows is parabolic and is described algebraically by a quadratic equation. This is a somewhat of a simplification – it does not take into account things like wind resistance - but it is a good basic model of the trajectory.

A quadratic equation usually has two distinct solutions – the points where it crosses the x-axis; in a real-world sports scenario these would correspond to the following points – the point where the ball started from and the point where it would hit the ground, or go through the net, or be caught – depending on the sport.

Similarly, in basketball, the player who is making a shot is writing an equation so that the solution will result in the ball going through the net. And if they give you the right camera shot at home, you will again make your guess as to whether the shot will go in or not. In basketball, this is easier to see since the goal is not moving like the receiver is in football. Here your eyes are looking for the vertex – the highest point the ball achieves – which should be about halfway between the shooter and the backboard. (Taufan Warmana Putera)

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