Midterm Test Week for The 6th Graders

14:37:24, 30 September 2019 Muhamad Chori Zikrin

This week the 6th graders of Madania School had their mid semester 1 test.  There are seven subjects to be tested in the midterm week. They are Bahasa Indonesia, Religion, Math, Civic, Science, English and Social Studies. This test is one of the assessment strategies applied in Madania School. In the classroom they also have ongoing assessment such as formative tests. They also have summative for every theme or unit.

The 6th graders have already prepared for the tests, from the material exploration, worksheet until review worksheet that they had last week.  As the highest level in Madania Primary School, midterm test also could become a practice for them because later they will face national examination. In the test, it is not only to measure the academic content but also their integrity, persistence, and confidence. On the test day, the 6th graders look enthusiastic joining the test. Hope they can get the best result. (Septian Dwi Putra)

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