07:29:15, 19 Oktober 2017 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 9/IX/2017-2018 - Statistics is the collection, organization, and analysis of numerical information in all part of the subjects. Pieces of numerical and other information are called data. A more helpful definition of data is a series of facts from which conclusions may be drawn.

Here, we need to see all data more easily and attractively by representing the data using graphs, charts or curves. The examples are bar charts, pie charts, histogram, and polygon. We also need to know what information concludes the data collected before. We can find the proportional average by comparing the value of mean, median, and mode of the data. Moreover, the important information is about the spread of data. We find the measure of variability.

In order to deepen their comprehension about statistics, students surveyed about 300 samples. The examples were the number of characters on their first name, the birth date of the students and teachers, or the library book pages. Students collaborated to do the project well. They worked diligently and persistently to finish the project. Good job to you all. (Umi Kurniahati)

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