Manifest 2018 - Classrooms: Where the Magic Begins

08:20:07, 06 Maret 2018 Himawari

To celebrate Madania 22nd Anniversary, partly of what our alumni recounted were the stories of their lives after Madania. They shared how their education in Madania had moulded and shaped them to be what they are today. Reading their stories makes me, for one, as a teacher realize how we at Madania have touched their lives with our magic wands in the classroom. It is a wonderful concept to hear that teachers, through their words, smiles, nurturing and caring bring magic into the classrooms.

Alumni Manifest 2018

I believe all teachers wish the best for their students just as parents want their children to be successful and live a worthwhile and prosperous life. The feelings a teacher goes through upon learning a past student of his or hers has achieved his or her dream is indescribable; it is beyond mere happiness. Those feelings are even more compounded when the student expresses his or her gratitude directly in front of you; it gives all your blood, sweat and tears over the years meaning and value.

With reference to a few points some of our alumni pointed out, we are first grateful many reflected on the Madania Learner Profiles. We are highly uplifted and encouraged that many of our alumni have acquired the skills to have already experienced a lot of success both in Indonesia and abroad. One alumnus wrote that what they had learned in Madania went beyond books; he prescribed education is not only about math, physics, geography, but it is about how to prepare oneself for the future - it is about learning to embody rewarding constructive and beneficial values.

By Alfi Afifah

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