Madania Teacher Became the Runner Up in Research Competition, International Islamic Fair 2016

07:41:53, 28 Oktober 2016 Administrator

EDISI 12/X/2016-2017 - “We are on the path of progress—to becoming a global society that promotes intercultural connection, the progression of knowledge, the development of economic cooperation, and the strengthening of people-to-people relations. We are on the path of becoming a global Islamic society so strong and united that together we will edify the globe.” This is the vision of International Islamic Fair that was held in Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran on 20th - 23rd October 2016.
One item of this event’s agenda was education and book fair. A variety of competitions, such as robotic, MTQ, and research were also held in the vicinity. Ms. Gusva Havita, a homeroom teacher of Madania Primary School (5V), got the opportunity to present her research paper in the research competition on 20th October 2016. She had passed the abstract and full paper selection earlier. She brought a paper tittled "Potensi Wakaf Saham untuk Kesejahteraan Umat: Tinjauan Hukum Islam dan Peraturan Perundang-undangan Setelah Berlakunya Undang-Undang No. 41 Tahun 2004 tentang Wakaf". After the presentations of 6 finalists, the judges chose Ms. Gusta Havita as the runner up. (Susi Suciatiningsih)

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