Let’s Make Our Own Writing and Read More

08:59:20, 06 Mei 2020 Muhamad Chori Zikrin

On this week, students were learned in English Language subject about Persuasive Writing. They learnt that in persuasive writing, they have to make people believe and agree with their statement that supported with rational reasons and valid facts. They made many type of persuasive writing such as essay, petition, poster, advertisement, brochure and heartfelt writing that directed to their loved ones. Students were actively involved during the lesson and had many interesting and strong arguments.

The reading culture that conducted in Madania also enhanced on this week activity, students did reading activity to encouraged their learning and comprehension. They did an English book review that they had chosen as their favorite book and then presented it through media such as video. Even though they were learnt through distance, their spirit is still shown and not let down. They had read about fiction and non-fiction story that can enrich their vocabulary and grammatical skill in English. Keep doing amazing things our dearest 5 grader!(Darul Agustiana Ma'rifah)

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