Let’s Celebrate

08:44:46, 26 November 2019 Annisa Azzahra

As a culmination of Primary Years Program, the sixth graders had successfully held PYP Exhibition this week. After more than four months exploring deeper about an issue that they were ­­­­­­­interested in, each group wrapped up their understanding and shared it to others.

The process of their learning journey started in the first week when they joined grade 6. Based on the similar interest of exploring an issue, they were grouped and worked together to predict, play with possibilities, and prove their hypothesis.

They conducted campaign, fund raising, and presentation of their understanding with the purpose to persuade people to increase their awareness and show their empathy towards the issue.

The issues mostly related to children’s rights. Due to that, Madania School worked together with KPAI (Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia) – Bogor area to have further information about children’s rights and issues around Bogor. To support further and longer networking with the institution, Madania Primary students, especially the sixth graders, were chosen as Duta Pelopor dan Pelapor Anak Indonesia for Bogor area. It was such an honor to be chosen as the ambassador for children’s protection. We hope we can fulfill our responsibility as the ambassadors.  (Tri Buana Novita)

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