Learnt about Density

14:57:57, 27 September 2017 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 7/IX/2017-2018 - (Grade 7) Since last week the 7th graders of Madania School students had learnt about density. We started the topic with an observation. They made questions and hypotheses related to the position of liquids (oil and water) and solids (wood, rubber eraser, and stone) when they are put together in a plastic cup. They were also allowed to add food coloring into the cup to make it more attractive. After proving their hypotheses, the students were amazed by the positions of the liquids and solids in the cup which triggered them to make the next questions and hypotheses. Some of their questions were "Why does the rubber eraser sink in the water?”, "What makes the oil on top of the water even though oil is thicker than water and seems heavier?", or "Why does the wood float on the oil?". Most of their hypotheses included the word light or heavy and some of them took risk by using the terms greater or smaller density. In the following session, the hypotheses were proved by measuring the exact density of each liquid and solid they observed. Through these measurements, they learnt that there are different methods to measure the density of liquid, regular-shaped object and irregular-shaped object. They understood that to find the density of the object they had to measure the mass and volume of the object. By the end of the day, they proved their hypotheses that the top object (wood) has the lowest density and the bottom object (stone) has the highest density. They concluded that if an object has greater density than a liquid, the object will sink. On the other hand, less dense object will float. The week was wrapped up by a review for the formative test. Wish you the greatest luck, folks! (Veni Dwintasari)



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