Keep Body Healthy and Strong

22:58:25, 27 Agustus 2017 Himawari

Madania News Edisi 5/VIII/2017-2018 - (Grade 1) Why do we need to exercise, brush our hair and teeth, and eat healthy food? How will these habits make your body feel? To understand more about some discussion questions, the 1st graders searched more information about consequences of choices from some special guest speakers.

We inviteda doctor and a PHE teacher as our guest speakers. They got some stories that provide experience, knowledge, and inquiries. The doctor shared about hygiene and the importance of cleanliness.  The PHE teacher shared information about good exercises. Through the presentation, students learnt to take care of themselves in order to keep their body healthy and strong, and they will become more aware of the many things to take care of themselves. They participated enthusiasticallyduring the discussion in the classroom.They were eager to tell and show how to take care of their body, such as washing hands and brushing teeth. They really showed their inquiry profile inpracticing good exercises.Together, they also showed their care to the environment when cleaning up their class happily. (Riska Megasari)


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