In the last periods of the second half of the semester

17:57:30, 01 Juni 2020 Annisa Azzahra

In the last periods of the second half of the semester, amidst the pandemic, grade 11 students have been drafting digital story books for children aged 7-12 with related theme. This is created to both entertain them and deliver various messages as the importance of family, friendship, life values and many others.

This two-week task will contain their very own illustration to enhance the imagination and narration of the stories. With three or four people in each group to settle the task, it will hopefully add more unique colors to the result as each of them is to contribute to the production in their own special way, be it original ideas to the story, suitable illustration, or even the title and characters.

With the hope of having better situation and condition in the whole wide world particularly in our beloved country as soon as it might be, the students have shown the excitement to pay extra effort as well as willingness to make it possible for children out there to have more windows to enjoy the sudden new life they have been having in the past two almost three months with fresher factual original ideas in the digital story books they have been working on.

Stay safe and patiently wait for the books…

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