How We Express Ourselves

14:09:20, 03 Januari 2017 Administrator

EDISI 17/XII/2016-2017 - (Grade 5) Grade five students continued UOI 3 with our big theme How We Express Ourselves. Our line of inquiry consists of the followings:

1. How to manipulate images and perspective through creative expressions.

2. Critical evaluation on creative expressions presented in the media.

3. How people respond to messages.

The students created posters and short commercials with values implied. They started with making a story board. They illustrated and edited the pictures using a movie program that they chose. They were so excited having this new experience. They have learnt how to change people’s thinking and behaviour using media. As UAS or final tests are approaching, they reviewed all the materials covered and had small discussions about our the previous materials. (Poppy Wibisono)

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