How was Planet Earth formed

14:36:18, 30 September 2019 Annisa Azzahra

This week, the 5th graders of Madania students continued learning the topic of Unit of Inquiry 2 titled as “How the World Works”. The topics included are the composition of the Earth, the forces that cause natural events, how the Earth has changed and continued to change, and how the students respond to the changes. The students positively responded to the activities designed because they are already familiar with “Earth” termbut they had not yet learned how Earth itself can influence other natural aspects in this world such as to how rocks and soil can be formed.

Students are exposed to the types of rock as well in the sessions. One of the students voluntarily shared and presented about the knowledge related to the other members of the class.In this stage, the students also got a chance to observe the rocks they learned. The inquiry processes were linked as they were questioning about the characteristics of the rocks that eventually led themto have the expected conclusion, which is knowing precisely the type of rock that they’ve learned. To describe the result of the observation, a portfolio sheet was provided. Having finished all the stages of the learning session, they were introduced to the formation of soil. They were paired with their friend and started another discussion. Students expressed their initial opinion about soil and also asked their partner about their opinion on the soil material. Then, they concluded their opinion and presented it to others. They engaged well with the activities that hopefully  resulted meaningfully to their comprehension. (Darul Agustiana)

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