function of reported speech

10:12:50, 13 Maret 2017 Administrator

Madania News Edisi 27/III/2016-2017 - (Grade 9) This week, the 9th graders learnt about the function of reported speech. They also did some practice in changing direct speech into indirect or reported speech.

First of all, in order to develop students’ listening skill, they listened to the audio of a BBC podcast taken from BBC Website for three up to five minutes. After listening, they analysed the new applicable phrase from the dialogue in the listening they heard. Going on to the main activity, they continued with watching an English subtitled video of a short conversation. While watching, students were to find at least one use of indirect speech. In addition, they are also learnt about building an overview of the usage of indirect speech.  

As the final activity, they were asked to complete an indirect speech worksheet in order to evaluate the lesson. (Ilham Aditiara rahman)

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