Formal Writing

15:24:20, 16 Januari 2018 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 14/IX/2017-2018 - After having IGCSE listening practice for refreshing their listening skills, the 9th graders had a topic about formal writing which consists of three units. Unit 1 introduces the type of exam questions which need to be answered in formal writing, together with some basic rules related to formal register. It then describes a variety of features for the students to include when the students write in formal register, using examples related to the exam. Unit 2 – 4 focus on specific phrases and expressions used for making suggestions, giving opinions, and putting forward the student’s views and arguments. The students explored the units individually and in a group; they identified the formal register, discussed the basic tools, phrases and expressions, did some exercises, and made a display. Even though it’s a new topic for them, they were eager to know more about it. Next week, they are going to apply the basic tools and phrases and expressions in a formal letter based on the IGCSE exam question 6. (Diah Indriati)

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