Circumstances that Determine Where People Live

22:53:24, 27 Agustus 2017 Himawari

Madania News Edisi 5/VIII/2017-2018 - (Grade 2) This week the 2nd graders have resumed work on the previous Unit of Inquiry related to Circumstances that determine where people live.  As part of the 2nd grade Unit of Inquiry, theyconducted an interviewwith their family members about homes, personal identity, and local culture.

One of the students’ findings was that some people have different reasons in choosing types of houses. Theyshared their interview result in pairs. After that they compared and recorded their interview result using the fish bone graphic organizer.

They also watched movies about kinds of houses around the world and traditional houses in Indonesia. Then they worked in groups to analyze some Indonesian tradional houses and discussed one house in group.Theyrealized somefactorsthat influence people’s house are reflected intheir personalities and cultures.

Next the students continued to discuss about their perspectives of circumstances that determine where people live before drawing their sketches about their own house. Then they will embark on own miniature of their dream house project where they must apply their sketches which represent personal identity and local culturethat they have identified over the course of the inquiry process using 3D techniques.  After this process, they will present their project which is also their summative assessment. (Marliana)


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