Change experiences because of the journey

09:39:32, 26 November 2019 Annisa Azzahra

Connecting to the third unit of inquiry ” Where We Are In Place And Time”,grade 2 students of Madania Primary School have discussed the provoking questions which drove into their inquiry.

What new experience can you get from your journey?

What we can we learn from the journeys?

What are the changes that can take place after a journeys?


The learners were very excited when they had a chance to watch a video of “Christopher Coulumbus”. Dewa 2Y said, “Wow it’s a great video now I know that Christopher Columbus is the explorer who is credited for discovering America.”

Jason 2L commented, “Fantastic, he can discover something new during his journey.”  To make their thoughts visible, the 2nd graders wrote it on the Y-Chart and answered the questions given. In sorting out, they compared  the changes happen to themselves during the journey. They wrote about feeling, attitude, opinion, experience before and after the journey using T-Chart organizer.



I used to think…

Now I think…


The students also learnt the simple past tense with irregular verb. After they did their worksheet, they made the simple past tense card. For example:

They also practiced the lesson of past tense when they told their stories during weekend. It was a challenging activity. Yess.. the learners were extremely enthusiastic. Good job, kids. (Marliana)

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