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07:57:14, 19 September 2017 Himawari

Art. It is something we learn and see everyday. All around us art can always be found and made. In Madania School, we have our art class that is named MAT (Music, Art, Theatre) which holds a compilation of art forms that students can choose to study. On the 18th - 20th of August 2017, the MAT teachers held a camping trip for students to join called Arts Camp. What exactly did we do during it?

Well, on the first day, we gathered in Madania School at 2 pm to go to the camping ground, Kampung Rimba, together. We used Madania’s vehicles to get to Kampung Rimba that is located in Puncak.

Once there we decided who would be in which tent. The boys got the tents on the second level and girls on the first. We also took a look around the camp. Surrounding us were pine trees and forests. It was really nice and peaceful.

After dinner we gathered on the second level and got divided into groups. There were three groups, A, U and O. Each group had 9 or 10 members, including a leader. The leader for group A was Gibran, group O was Juan, and group U was me.

We then went back to the first level where mats and a screen were already prepared. There was a brief opening and then a presentation on the history of MAT and some of the shows Madania has made throughout the years. It was quite interesting as we got to know how MAT came to be and the types of art that are present in the world, like music, multi media, dance, and many more.

On the next day we did the early morning exercises. The chilly breeze made us eager to warm ourselves up. We also made our group yell-yells. After breakfast we got ready to trek. We were going to look for a treasure! Each group got a map that they must follow it to find a hidden treasure. We all rushed to find the treasure. Even though there was a little mixed-up between my group and group O, we still managed to hike and reach the mountain top first. We learnt about Environmental Arts from the treasure. The hill was great. There were mild breezes and birds chirping. It reminded me a bit of the hill from The Sound of Music. It helped that the teachers brought a guitar. We then had sessions of training our voices and using our imagination. That was fun; we had to close our eyes and imagine being at a beach.We then hiked a bit more to reach the tea plantations. There we took pictures and gathered materials that would be useful for the show we had to make for the campfire. My group and I also spent this time discussing what we would make for the campfire. Then we went back to the camp.

After a break (some doodling and TOD) the groups had to go to posts set up by the Madania teachers. There were three posts: one for art, another for music, and the last for theatre. Going to these posts were interesting. At the art post we made a banner with leaves and other objects. The theatre post was down by the river, and it was refreshing to step into the cold waters. However, my favourite post was the music post. There we used glass bottles filled with different amounts of water to produce different notes. I loved doing this because instead of just hitting them with twigs. I tried to blow wind at the bottles to produce sound. I had always wanted to try this, and it worked! So, that was one thing off my bucket list. Anyways, then we had more breaks and time to prepare for the night’s events. We had to make a performance. My group decided to make a drama. So, we made props and costumes using leaves and pinecones. We also prepared the music and story. We came up with a story about two tribes (forest and tea) that had a war because the tea tribe were taking the forest’s land and mother nature stopping the war. It represented how humans and plantations were taking more and more land and destroying the forests and nature.

The time came for us all to perform. Group A went first. They shared a folktale about the rain god by doing a brief drama. Then it was Group O’s turn and they had a drama about  the independence of Indonesia. The performances were entertaining. My group performed last, but luckily it went well. I’m very proud of my group members (shoutout to you guys!).

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Then we lit the campfire, which was really great. It was starting to get cold, so the toasty fire was a nice change. The teachers then also announced some awards. There were 5: the most caring (won by Juan), most traditional (won by Gibran), coolest (won by Rian), favourite (won by Ab), and most responsible (won by me). After a while there was also another announcement that we didn’t expect. It turns out this camp was some kind of training. Everyone who joined are automatically in the teams, and we had our own working structure. It was then I found out that the four 11th graders that joined were chosen as heads for the structure’s divisions and one of us the head of the whole thing. It could be said as a head of a production. After that session we had treats and sang along to some songs around the campfire. It was a pleasant night with the stars shining brightly. We played a random list of songs for some time, but then it was time to go to sleep. On the next day we woke up at dawn and prepared ourselves to go home. We packed and cleaned the tents. We headed back to Madania School and went our separate ways home. It was a great experience to have joined Arts Camp, and I hope more people will join next time. (Purple Kharisya-11Y)

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