Abstract nouns

22:28:32, 27 Agustus 2017 Himawari

Madania News Edisi 5/VIII/2017-2018 - (Grade 7) What kind of emotions are you feeling right now? Is it happiness or sadness? This week, the 7th  graders learnt about abstract nouns. Abstract nouns are nouns which cannot be detected by our five senses. One of the examples is feelings or emotions. Happiness, sadness, and joy are abstract. None of us can touch, see, or smell those feelings or emotion. Students are already familiar with what the concept of a noun, but most of them could only mention concrete nouns (chairs, table, window, etc.). They were really excited to find out more about abstract nouns. Students were given some explanation and examples of abstract nouns. They also played a game called “The Fastest Gets Points!” in which they identify some abstract nouns and make sentences using the abstract nouns mentioned. At the end of the lesson, they were expected to be able to identify abstract nouns in sentences and compose a piece of writing using abstract nouns. When they were asked to write a short essay, some of them were confused about what to write. However, they managed to deal with their confusion and produced amazing pieces of writing after looking at some examples and given several topics to choose. (Fitri Hidayati)

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