A Place Every Student Should Be

Madania boasts a beautiful and pleasant learning atmosphere which is conducive for building positive and constructive interactions and socialisations amongst students and teachers. For 26 years we have been in a process of creating a safe nurturing surroundings, promoting a protection from discrimination, and developing a school community to build self-discipline and integrity.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

For the purpose of realizing what is contained in the name of "madania and simultaneously answering the social conditions of education in the motherland, Madania School vision was thus formulated. The school's vision is

"A True Indonesian School for the leaders"

Our Mission

Educating towards:

  • Reviving Conciousness of God
  • Actualizing World Class Standard
  • Living with Noble Characters
  • Respecting Indonesian Values

School Tour

Let us have a look around our Telaga Kahuripan campus

Madania Learner Profile

The 'Madania learner profile' is a set of aspirational qualities that motivate and inspire the work of schools, teachers, and students, providing a statement of the aims and values of our vision 'a true Indonesian school for the leaders’

Education Program

Pilihan Program Pendidikan Sekolah Madania sesuai dengan program pendidikan sekolah yang ada di Indonesia, dimulai dari Kindergarten sampai Higher Secondary.


What's Going On


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