Summative Assessment

07:55:19, 06 September 2017 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 6/VIII/2017-2018 - (Grade 3) This week the 3rd graders were preparing for their summative assessment. They will present their findings about a living thing that they have chosen. They could choose a plant or an animal to be researched and shared. They will explore some knowledge related to their research that consists of the classification, characteristics, and life cycle. They may also add some other facts about the living thing. It is interesting because students choose kind of plant or animal that they want to explore by themselves.

Students will explore through ICT or library research to get a lot of information to support their reserach. They also sort the information that they get and make media to support their presentation. They may use flip book, poster, slide, etc. Finally, the 3rd graders will be ready for summative assessment! (Septian Dwi Putra)

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