Students Took Their Products to the Market Day

08:11:42, 19 September 2017 Himawari

The 5th graders finally ended up their unit by taking action with an incredible project in selling products on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017. Students have been learning about goods and services, producers and consumers. They culminated their studies of economic concepts (entrepreneurship). The Mini-Economy program teaches students about entrepreneurship in economics activities. The students created business, either goods or services. They set up their shops and sold their goods or services to other students, teachers, and staffs. The 5th graders prepared a much anticipated Market Day!

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Market Day is the day our students get to sell their product that they have produced for multiple sales. They use their understanding of how products are made in order to manufacture their very own items to sell at the market. Prior to the D-day, students devised their business plans and  decided what products or services to offer. They discussed supply and demand, advertising, pricing, and other traits of a successful business. Students worked in teams to create their products, set a price, and determine a marketing plan. On Wednesday morning, students arrived with heavy bags of products, ready to do business. The market was held in three hours although many businesses sold out before then. “Our products were sold out. We sold everything,” said some Madania students. They enjoyed the process of being sellers. (Poppy Noviyanti)


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