Create Pictographs and Bar Graphs

09:00:28, 17 Januari 2018 Himawari

MadNews Edisi 14/IX/2017-2018 - This week the 2nd graders were busy preparing for their UOI 2, Where We Are in Place and Time, summative assessment about Journey creates changes and can lead to new opportunities. They worked hard to finish their books about their journeys that they had done. They looked very enthusiastic while creating the title of their journey books during ICT session. On the summative assessment day, they built their confidence and reflectiveness while presenting their journey books in front of their classmates. In order to develop students’ confidence and respect, they practiced reading their journey books properly. They also made their self and pair reflection of their practices.

Then, during math, the students were enthusiastic to create pictographs and bar graphs based on the data survey on tally marks. We keep encouraging the students to be a thinker in analyzing the problems occurred in graphs. (Sri Esti Setiawati)





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