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Madania News EDISI 18/XII/2016-2017 - (Grade 8) Equatorial climate or tropic climate is characterized by two major climatic parameters: temperature and rainfall. The warm temperatures and high rainfall all year create a suitable condition for the plantation especially hardwood to grow in the forest that we know as the tropical rainforest. Lies between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, this tropical rainforest provides so many important things to support human daily needs for timber, medicines, housing, and oxygen.

Through the weather and climate big theme, the 8th graders investigated why the tropical rainforest is very important to be conserved from human exploitation such as illegal logging and mining. This is to prevent so many negative impacts such as global warming and the other hazards like soil erosion, flood, the decreasing of water supply, and even acid rain in some countries suffering from high level of pollution. (Dini Pujiastuti)

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