It’s time to have fun

08:28:58, 09 Januari 2017 Administrator

EDISI 18/XII/2016-2017 - (Grade 2) This week was a busy week for  the 2nd graders.They had finished the final tests and summative assessments by giving a presentation about  their trip. It was not an easy thing to do, but they were so  enthusiastic. 

Hooray... It’s  time to have fun! Oh really? Yes, it’s sports day! On Thursday, 08th December 2016,  the 2nd graders had  a wonderful day full of activities, laughters, and surprises for their end-of-week  activity. We prepared energetic games and other fun activities for our dear learners. They enjoyed the activities, and then all of them madetheir planning for the next semester in 2017 as a resolution. Everyone had a fun time that day with coloring, games, and music. (Riyanti Umadji)

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